Bruce Robinson

Bruce Robinson

Sector Specialist – Advanced Industrials, Technology

(800) 380-2177 ext 205

Mr. Robinson is a Sector Specialist in the Advanced Industrials and Technology practices. Mr. Robinson has varied and tenured experience in corporate acquisitions and executive management, having executed over 50 acquisitions and divestitures on behalf of his own businesses, clients, and former employers. Mr. Robinson began his career as a Project Engineer at General Dynamics/Electronics in Rochester, New York. In 1974, Mr. Robinson formed the first of several companies he founded or co-founded, Quality Measurement Systems, Inc., a dimensional measurement electronic instrument company. Mr. Robinson sold this business in 1979 to EG&G, a $1.3 billion NYSE advanced industrial technology company. Mr. Robinson subsequent to the acquisition then became Director of Business Development at EG&G and over the ensuing 8 year period lead 22 acquisitions and four divestitures on behalf of the company.

In 1988, Mr. Robinson then became Vice President of Corporate Development at another NYSE company, UNC, Inc. At UNC he directed the sale of three companies and the acquisition of four other companies in an effort to re-focus the company’s business activities exclusively into the aerospace and defense markets. In 1994, Mr. Robinson co-founded Scientech, Inc., a business services provider of operations level technical support to electric utilities, government agencies and private sector companies. The company was sold to a private equity fund in 2003 for over $70 million and by that time had grown to more than 20 offices throughout the U.S. and overseas.

 In 2003, Mr. Robinson founded QuickStrategy Corp, a training and educational resource company serving senior management in the area of strategic planning and development. In 2010, QuickStrategy became a business partner and affiliate of Daybreak Capital Partners in expansion of its business. Mr. Robinson is the author of “Strategic Acquisitions, A Guide to Growing and Enhancing the Value of Your Business” (Richard C. Irwin Inc., 1995) and has taught graduate level courses in Mergers & Acquisitions. Mr. Robinson is a co-owner of Gamma Scientific (electro-optical instruments) and Belfort Instrument Corporation (meteorological instruments). Mr. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.