Craig Tebol




Craig Tebol originally joined Daybreak Capital as a summer intern analyst in 2012.  Craig began working full-time as an Associate with the firm in 2016 and is involved in activities including transaction evaluation and assessment, financial modeling and analysis, industry research, investment document preparation, buyer profile research, and transaction execution. Craig also actively works with the senior management of Daybreak Capital on financing analysis, business development, financial reporting, and various other administrative and client project tasks.

Previously, Craig worked as an Analyst at Hydro Venture Partners, a strategic advisory firm and private equity investor dedicated to making investments in water-related assets, technologies, and water service opportunities throughout the U.S. 

Prior to Hydro, Craig worked at Pyxis Global Financial Services where he was engaged in the detailed work of trade accounting and reconciliation, focusing on commodity markets working with managed futures contracts, currencies, and related  macro-economic conditions.

Craig graduated from the University of Colorado with a double emphasis in Finance and Accounting.