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  • Technology and Business Services

    The Technology and Business Services practice focuses on companies that enhance business performance and productivity through software, SaaS solutions, eCommerce, online marketing, and/or technology-enabled business services.

    The team’s operational experience and deep understanding of technology and technology markets enables us to constructively assess opportunities and maximize transaction outcomes.

    The Daybreak team has represented companies across a broad spectrum of the technology and business services sector, including enterprise and application software, SaaS, consulting and professional technical services, network security, marketing/social media technologies, analytics/big data, artificial intelligence, business communities, and online retail/eCommerce.

    Relevant Transactions


    Jon Tebol, Ajay Khanna, Doug Juanarena, Dror Pockard, Rob Kasameyer, Ed Johnson, Bruce Robinson, Ken West, Erik Tiltmann

    Note: The Mentis, Environmental Testing, Magnemotion, Unique Computer Services, and V3 Systems transactions were led by Mr. Tebol and Ajay Khanna while at Daybreak Capital, the Petris transactions while at Stifel Nicolaus, the Amdocs transaction was led by Mr. Pockard while in his operating capacity at that company, while the Aspen Peripherals and Hi Tech Manufacturing transactions were led by Mr. Johnson while in his operating capacities at those companies. The remaining transactions were led by Mr. Tebol while at Tucker Anthony Sutro.